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I am an English teacher with more than 15 years’ experience teaching people from around the world. I’ve learnt French and Spanish– so I know how it feels to learn a language from zero! I have created teacher resources and lesson plans for ESL classes at all levels. These are aimed at adults learning English as a second language though can easily be adapted for younger learners. I have created downloadable worksheets covering some grammar  and vocabulary topics. 
Welcome to my website where learning is easy and fun !
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I like my work

"I got four students through Easy Fun English last month, I'm so happy. Thank you so much!"


English teacher

I am so exited

"I was unemployed for 18 months. I signed up with EFE and a few other services to start my business. Now, I have been receiving a new student almost every week. I am so excited. Thank you so much!"


Greek teacher

That is awesome!

"Within the past several weeks, I have averaged one new online student a week. That is awesome! Thank you very much!"


French teacher

I enjoyed the course thoroughly!

"It was a great opportunity that I worked with EFE to improve my English. The lessons were interesting. I’ll definitely recommend my friends to take courses with EFE."


from France

It is incredible

"I feel confidence… I have the pleasure today to watch TV in English, to read in English… before, I couldn’t understand… today it’s totally different. Thanks a lot!"


From Bulgaria

I am grateful

"I am really grateful that I found Easy Fun English. I improved my English skills and I feel that my English keep getting better and better."


From Greece

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