Work and Job


When you use the word Job you say things like I have a job, or I’m looking for a job, or he doesn’t have a job right now. So a job is something you do for money, or it’s when someone decides to hire you and when you complete a job that person pays you.


Work is a general word. Work refers to anything you do that requires physical activity or thinking, and sometimes you do housework, sometimes you do yard work, sometimes you work for someone and get paid. Sometimes you don’t have work, and you are looking for work.

So we are going to use work in a bunch of different ways not to confuse you but just so you have a general idea that we do use the word job and the word work not interchangeably, but we use both of them to talk about doing something for money or doing something that needs to be done. There are many weekends where I do have to do a lot of work in the house I do work inside the house I do work outside the house that can be anything like fixing a light or fix a machine that isn’t working fine, but on Monday I go to the job.


When you actually have a job that means you are employed. For example, I’m employed right now I’m employed by the school. They have employed me as a teacher. So this is a more formal way of talking about having a job. Someone can ask you where are you working right now, and you can just tell him I’m employed by the school to teach high school. So again it simply means the state of having a job if you are employed.


The opposite will be the word unemployed. When you are unemployed you are probably sad you probably would like to have a job you are probably looking for a job. When you are unemployed it’s not very fun to sit at home knowing that all of your friends have jobs. It’s not very nice to be unemployed so when you are unemployed and if you have a certain amount of money in the bank you slowly start to use up that money, and eventually, you have to borrow money from others. When you are unemployed there are two phrases we use looking for work or looking for a job. So, it’s kind of funny because we use this almost equally. When I was unemployed I was looking for a job every day, I worked for my landlord I worked in restaurants, I worked at stores. So, when you are unemployed then you are probably looking for work or looking for a job.

Hard worker or a good worker

If you are a worker you either a hard worker or a good worker. You want your boss to promote you, so you will try to be a hard worker and if you want your boss to like you then you want to be a good worker. If your boss gives a job to you then you want to look at it very diligently. When you do something really diligently you do it really well you want your colleagues and coworkers to know that you are a good worker because if there is a project you have to do together you want them to want to work with you. So are you a good worker or a hard worker? There is a difference between being a good worker and a hard worker. So when you are a hard worker your boss tells you what to do, and you do the job, and you are happy, and you do it well but if you have to do something that we refer to as hard work it means that the job is going to be difficult so keep an eye on the difference. If someone asks you to dig ten holes on the ground that would be hard work that would definitely be a difficult thing to do.

Bad Worker

The opposite is a bad worker no one wants to be a bad worker a bad worker is lazy, a bad worker makes mistakes and bad work is often late for work. The bad worker is going to be described in detail. You don’t want to be on extra long lunch breaks during work. You don’t want to be late at work every day and don’t want your colleagues to be annoyed with you at work. It’s because when you do a job you make a lot of mistakes. No one wants to be a bad worker at their job it’s just not a good idea.

Employer and Boss

Employ is a word that means to hire someone, and it’s where we get employee, employer, employed and unemployed from an employer is the place where you work it’s not your boss. If someone for example I was filling out a form that said ‘where do you work? Then I would write the place where I work and if it says who is your employer I would write the place where I work. So if for example, I’m working at school then my employer is the school board, my employer is not the boss if you work at a restaurant then your employer would be that restaurant, not the person who is the boss at the restaurant if you work at Sony store your employer is the Sony, not the person who runs the Sony store. So just a little of the difference between boss and employer.


If you are an employee that means you have a job. This again is a formal term if someone told me are for example are you an employee at that restaurant It would sound strange. We don’t want to use the word employee that way it’s correct. They would more likely say “do you work at that restaurant” and you will say yes I work there. So there is a great difference between them.




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