Making English Reading and learning easier and Entertaining

Sometimes we can’t learn everything from English grammar books, so we have to find alternatives in this article we are going to explain some alternatives to ways of learning the English language.



If you want to learn English more easily, and interestingly you can try Audiobooks. It’s the best way to expose yourself or any other person (your child your wife your husband etc.) to the English language. Audiobooks usually contain narration of different stories, biographies, travel stories that can spark your imagination and interest. Audiobooks also give people the enjoyable and valuable experience of using their own imagination and visualize the idea of the narrator, audiobooks are the most feasible way of experiencing anything, anytime.

So, what to look for?

  1. Stories

    Reading a story from a book and listening to it from an audiobook are both very different things and different experience when we read something from a book (in this case a story) when we read a storybook, we often get tired the reason is that when you read something for a long time your eyes and neck muscles can get numb and tired it’s a natural thing and there is nothing to worry about. When you are reading something that you find boring, the attempt to keep reading a book can become tiring, and you will start to daydream which can ultimately lead to downiness (it’s your brain who’s telling you Hey! We both need to sleep).

  2. A Format That fits your needs

    Audiobooks are available in a number of formats (CDs, mp3, etc.) you can find the format that perfectly fits you from any nearby store or online. You can buy CDs while shopping for groceries. If you can’t find them in-store don’t worry you can order them online. Some websites also offer free audiobooks that are one click away and can be downloaded directly to your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other digital device that supports its format. If you have an MP3 then you can download them easily and copy them directly to your mp3 player, you can also burn a CD with the audiobook of your choice for that purpose you need a laptop or a pc that has a CD room with a CD burner. Audible is a new emerging company that provides a large variety of audiobooks and has a vast library of different audiobooks Audible can also be downloaded to your phone or tablets, and you can listen to any audiobook online anywhere.

  3. Quality Content

    In now a day you can easily find what you like all you have to do is put the keyword in a search engine, and it will show you all related audiobooks related to your searched keyword but finding quality content can sometimes be really difficult because of the large variety of content that is already available on the internet, in that case, you can look for suggestion from your teacher, friend or your (school or college) librarian if you still can’t find the desire audiobook you can seek expert advice these experts can help you find your desired audiobook and can narrow down the search for you.

  4. Audio Quality

    Check the audio quality before diving into your audiobook it’s very important because some people can find the narrator’s voice annoying or irritating, sometimes the loud background music can also distract you and make you feel uneasy. Through this way you are not only saving yourself but other listeners in your family or friends.

    Effecting Ways of Listening Audiobook


    Listening to an audiobook together

    Listening to an audiobook with someone can be a great idea reading sharing and experiencing the story with someone can give others something to talk about. That can keep everyone engaged in your family or friends and can bring them further closer. When you are listening to a story with Children they can also clear their thoughts regarding the story and clear their misconception that can ultimately boost their thinking skills and questioning skills, you can also ask them about their favorite parts of the story.

    Reading Background Story or Preview of The Story

    Reading a background story or an explanation can help you to understand the context and clear any doubt. If you narrate a short idea to a child it would help them to understand the story in a better way.

    Avoid complexity

    Avoid complexity if you find something very complex, they to find an easier similar topic. Complex content can make a child confuse which can decrease their engagement with that content it can make it difficult for them to follow and enjoy the story.

    Keeping the young ones in mind

    When you are listening to an audiobook with a child try to keep them engaged with it so you both can enjoy the content of the audiobook and avoid any complexity because complexity can lessen the interest of that child in that particular story. Remember audiobooks can’t replace you your child needs you and your presence really does matter to your child so try to listen to audiobooks with them, so you can both get closer to each other which can eventually strengthen the relationship between you and your child.

    Audiobooks Being Used In Schools

    More and more schools are using audiobooks these days, especially in “special kid’s schools” because they can reshape their imagination and help them to overcome their inner fears some students might not be able to see the world with their eyes but now, they can feel anything anywhere through narrator’s voice all thanks to an audiobook. If you are a teacher it’s your responsibility to do your homework read reviews below every audiobook before buying it. Reviews are usually written by those people who have already bought the audiobook if you are the first buyer of the audiobook don’t forget to leave a review your review can help other people who want to buy the book One other reason audiobooks are finding their way into schools and home is their simplicity and wide range of variety which makes it easier for people to choose their favourite audiobook.

Learning is easy and fun!

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