How Learning English Can Help You Reach Your Goal

The most important question that comes to your mind first is that why are we learning English? However, the depth and sincerity of your answer depend solely on your sincerity and dedication to your goal, and the quality of reward.

There are different reasons why we want to learn English like there are some people who to learn English because of professional reasons, some of us want to travel all over the world, some people want to live abroad or change their lifestyles, but many few people know that how learning English can hugely impact their lives and their consciousness and global interconnectivity. English fluency can help you a lot during your job search or when you are presenting your project in front of your professor.

English is without a doubt an “international language”. This is not a matter of linguistic imperialism but rather the truth of living in an exceedingly globalized and modern world. It’s not only limited to tourism, business, or diplomacy, but it may also open your mind to the whole new world and might change your perspective of seeing the world forever.

This new perspective of the world is known as Global Citizenship, it’s a set of process, characters trait, skills, attitude and discipline all of these little pieces form an identity that transcends geographic borders and unite all of humanity.

We might never be free of borders in the physical sense, however, we can perform our natural obligations and responsibility to act to support the international community and spread awareness that can promote a better, more peaceful, and better diplomatic path to solve global issues.

Many severe problems can lead to a huge global crisis so to avoid those problems and save ourselves from this crisis so, we must expand ourselves worldwide to unite different cultures and religions that can have a great impact on global peace, ultimately we all have to recognize the common human values, all humans are equal and should have equal values the only way of getting global peace is to find a common and effective way of communication.

Meeting different people around the world can give you a whole new perspective of the world, this can open our minds to different cultures, life experiences, religions, and moral values. Learning English can be the key to unlock your hidden potential and can alter your life in a good way.

English can build up and change global perspective. 


Communication is the key that can open any door to any opportunity the first main advantage of learning English is that you can communicate with people of different cultures, this is going to change your perspective. Communication is the main gateway that can connect humans and can fade the gap between people of different races, cultures, and religions. Through thousands of years, language has become the most effective way of communication and nothing can replace it.

English is recognized as the language of peace and diplomacy, having the ability to speak and relate to different individuals around the world is a massive step to world peace. It changes your perspective and transforms it into a common perspective that is beyond any culture or religion and

When you connect with individuals from different cultures you’re exposed to the real truth that forces you to challenge the basic stereotypes that you have inherited from your culture and open a window to a whole new world of different cultures. This makes it more and more laborious to project your fears and misconception on others, and you will understand that people from other cultures, races, religions are not completely different from you.

Some people have some misconception, and they regard “they” as an external group of people that’s because these people belong to different cultures and this creates a term “we” now when we say “we” that describes people from all cultures, all languages, and all groups. This happens through personal and skilled contact, in addition to being exposed and enriched by different aspects of various cultures, like food, customs, music, fashion, and art. These hold a very important and significant value, however, the key to all these different aspects is by speaking the same language. You acknowledge the unity and also unity if you have fluent communication with others, and it helps to build an understanding of various cultures that you may encounter along your career path. This helps you to break boundaries of dimensional world view and understand other’s perspectives, and this is impossible without a common language.

The 1st impression could also be that different individuals who belong to different cultures and views are completely different or maybe even more strange it varies from person to person but sooner or later you will find out that you both have a lot of things in common. It can also happen in the first few moments when you meet that person, or it can even take long it depends on age or common interests so try to understand other people when you meet them and open your heart to them. First, you begin to understand the individuality of other cultures, as well as your own culture and you, will find out that your nation is just one of several other nations, you will find the peculiarity of your own culture and consider it with far more awareness. This leads to an additional balanced perspective that allows you to acknowledge negative and positive points in all cultures.

After this, you begin to comprehend that even multiplicity is astonishing, and you price the individuality between cultures greater than ever your identity as a global citizen is much stronger than your current nationality.

When you connect with people outside the geographic, political, power distance, individualism, culture, religion you will value humanity over other pointless differences that are imposed on us by our culture.







Learning is easy and fun!

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