How can you improve your English-speaking skills?

Have you ever felt that when you speak English with someone there is something missing? Have you this feeling that you should improve your English-speaking skills?

You learned grammar, studied English did everything you were told, and perhaps you even lived in a foreign English-speaking country. However, still despite everything the donkey work and sacrifices you still don’t feel that you are as good as you should be.

To your disappointment, you continue to have a thick accent, but you are still having trouble when you speak, or sometimes you can’t understand other people who are native speakers in that country, and even once you speak with excellent grammar, people still can’t understand what you are saying.

But you should accept it, right? We already know that adult language learners can have a hard time when they are trying to change their accent, and it is nearly impracticable to scale back our accent within the target language, so is it even worth trying to change our accent?

You are mistaken!

There is a far better method

Let me tell you my story I had to face the same problem when I met my English friend first met I was getting really shy, and it was getting hard to understand her words, sometimes I had to repeat my sentence because she couldn’t understand my accent but with her help and my efforts I eventually learned her accent.

But today I’m going to tell you that there’s a far better method. If you’re willing to change your perceptive and alter your way of thinking, to find out and to set up some key daily habits, and if you especially maintain those habits, then you may see the changes and some dramatic improvements in your English-speaking skills in a very short interval of time.

If you are a new immigrant or working in a foreign school as a teacher, you can additionally improve your pronunciation and perception, however, by learning a way to adequately teach it you can improve your accent and increase your confidence.

In this article, we are going to explore the foundation of effective pronunciation and provide you some main methods to effectively improve your English pronunciation.

Rhythm Stress and Intonation

Rhythm is a mixture of both “stressed words and unstressed words” in a sentence. The sentence has two types of beats strong beats (the stressed words) and relatively weak beats (the unstressed words). How the pitch of a speaker’s voice goes up or down as they speak is known as Intonation.

Music can drastically improve your English-speaking skills listening to the music of the native singer can not only improve your English-speaking skill, but it can also improve your vocabulary search music with lyrics and pay attention to the lyrics when you are listening to music this can improve both English speaking and listening skills.

Mimic the Music

When the song is finished listen to the same song again and now try to mimic the accent of the singer followed by the lyrics of that song.

Recent research was conducted at Northern Arizona University showed that after 6 weeks of pronunciation training learners experienced a forty-eight percent increase in incomprehensibility (comprehensibility is the ability for others to understand) and an amazing three percent decrease for the control group (this control group didn’t receive any training. These tests were evaluated by the native speakers.

This is the result of only one study, however, there are many results that are pointing in the same direction. When you start to improve your English pronunciation skills by yourself you will be able to connect each dot with another dot that can eventually lead to better communication and pronunciation skills.

Newspapers and Magazines

English newspapers can not only help you to understand the outside world, but they can also teach you very important aspects of the English language. English newspapers and magazines contain different articles, reports, general discussions, travel-related articles, information about current events, and even biography. Just by reading a single page of the newspaper, you can get a ton of information. These also come with daily conversations that can help to improve your overall reading skills and comprehension, information about current affairs can give you a sneak peek into the ongoing situation in any country around the globe.

Practice regularly

It is very important to read the newspaper every day and make it a habit to you. Regular reading can enforce discipline that is essential for learning English. It can give you motivation and help you to maintain your focus to keep learning the English language.

  • Read Different Newspapers

Try to read different daily newspapers or if you can’t change your newspaper weekly, so you can be aware of different tones and writing styles. It can improve your vocabulary drastically and make it more dynamic. Pick a newspaper that matches your taste and style.

  • Make a Telepathic Relation With Newspaper

We read novels and other books out loud or in a low voice, but newspapers are meant to be read in your heart. It is a part of the protocol and develops a silent reading habit. It will directly improve your observing power.


Learning is easy and fun!

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