Homemade Christmas Gifts: Craft Your Affection

Looking for a gift for a child but aren’t sure what to get? Get creative with a handmade Christmas present for a child and one which will keep them entertained! Make a spider web out of toilet paper tubes, tape a ping-pong ball to the middle of it, and add a string or ribbon for hanging it from the tree. Or make Christmas jingles out of wooden spoons and paint Christmas ornaments with them. Your gift will get you points for creativity and beauty!

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Women

Homemade Christmas gifts for women? Yes, you read that correctly. The time has come for that old-fashioned holiday artisanship! So why not try one of these fun-filled DIY Christmas gift ideas to get a little creative this year.

Homemade Holiday Headbands

Christmas holiday headbands are incredibly adorable but aren’t exactly easy to make. You can easily accomplish this craft on a busy weekend and have them as a reminder of this year’s holiday.

A lot of time is invested in holiday headbands these days, so why not give them a chance to stand out on your head instead of just taking up space on a shelf at the local beauty supply shop? Make them in autumnal colors and the whole look will be timeless.

Homemade Christmas Scarves

With these scarf ideas, you can create something a little different from your typical Christmas scarf. With some strong headbands and gloves in the mix, these ideas are super unique.

A homemade holiday scarf isn’t a joke.

Christmas Felt Checkerboard

These are not to be confused with the square checkerboards we played with as children. For the kids that still love to play with checkerboards, these little handmade felt checkerboards are a way to capture that childhood feeling again.

Perfectly Cute Christmas Coasters

Everyone has a good cuppa, and these coasters bring in the warmth and nostalgia of a cup of tea. Perfect for the gal at your office or the mom that works in the coffee shop, these cute little coasters will also brighten up the kitchen table.

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornament

Now, this is some Christmas inspiration you don’t want to miss! If you don’t have a Christmas tree this year, then this awesome Christmas tree ornament is a great way to fill the tree with beads.

A Tin of Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Toast some pretzels and generously sprinkle the slices with some mini chocolate chips. Add a little cherry or some coconut as a garnish, and there you have it – a deliciously unique and practical homemade Christmas gift.

Reusable Tin Lunch Bags

What better way to pack lunch for the entire week than a tin full of reusable lunch bags? Simply fill each bag with different produce – a hard-boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, peanut butter, or even a slice of cheese!

I’ll Make You a Giant Tin of Banana Bread

If you’re going to go all out for Christmas, then you might as well make a tin full of banana bread for all your friends and family to enjoy!

Learning is easy and fun!

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