Fun Ways to Learn English

In this article, we will be demonstrating the fun and easy way of learning English.

Some people around us find it very hard to learn English. We hear it very often that someone failed an English exam at school or college, but we don’t hear that often about people who have learned it. You can encounter some problems along the way well everyone runs into obstacles along the way, but you have to effectively prioritize your goal to take some time out of your busy schedule don’t be worried it’s only going to take very few hours or maybe less. We often hear from our teachers at school that learning English is difficult it’s just a misconception or myth. But we are going to bust this myth and explain why learning English is easy.

How To Make It Fun and Easy?

A very common myth is that it is in fact strenuous. Yet it is not a complex language, but there are some aspects where it gets tricky such as its idioms and pronunciation. However, there are some aspects of the English language that makes it easy and fun to learn. You can say it’s a lot easier and simpler than you think

  • Compare your language with the English language and find similarities or similar words.
  • When you compare your native language with the English language you will find a lot of similarities.
  • It’s an international language that is currently in its absolute simplified form.

Learning English is now easy because it got easier with time sometimes, we find words from other languages such as Anonymous from the Greek language “onym”, Loot from the Hindi language “lūṭ”, Wanderlust from the German language “Wandern” which means (to hike) “lust” means (desire), Cartoon from the Italian language “cartone” and Bachelor which was basically originated from French “bachelier” these were some examples if we read English text, we will find thousands of different words that are being used in different languages around the globe.

School English Teaching Methods:

It’s all about method and your way of approaching it. Choosing a method is the most basic tool you can have when you want to achieve something especially a new language that you are not familiar with. Here we are going to discuss these methods in detail.


The first thing should be a commitment to yourself. Taking time out of your daily busy schedule can sometimes be very difficult. There is an old saying “You can’t achieve something in life without a small amount of sacrifice”. Learning the English language is easy, and it only requires your engagement and some investment of time. Second thing is that it must be meaningful to you and can force you to stay on the right path. We have said that it’s fun and easy but, in the end, it all comes down to your commitment. Set a goal for yourself and try to speak with a native speaker it can be a close relative, family member, or any friend it will give you a boost of self-esteem and confidence if you see that you are not learning things quick enough or if you are feeling reluctant don’t worry! Keep doing it until your shyness melts away some people hesitate before trying something new but don’t let that keep you from doing what you want. There is an old saying “Slow and steady wins the race.” Sometimes a more consistent approach can be ideal and can give results beyond your imagination.


It’s a process that initiates help and maintains Motivation involves emotional, biological social, and logical forces that activate behavior. Sometimes we ask ourselves that why are we doing this? Why are we learning English? Is it only for conveying information to someone? (Basically communication) Or is it just for good grades? Highlight every motivation in your mind that can spark your interest just so you can start learning the English language. Engrave that on your mind and heart and never forget about this. Some people want to live and work abroad or some of us want to travel. It can be any reason to make your reason your focus point this reason is the key to your motivation and success. If you are learning English because you want to live and work abroad then learn to read and write English but if you want to travel just learn to speak English don’t waste your time learning how to write English.


Unfortunately, in school, we only give importance to writing it’s the traditional way of learning English that is used in schools throughout the globe. Let’s take the example of your mother tongue no one starts by learning how to write it. No one was given Grammar books with useless exercises. We started by understanding, listening, and talking to our mother tongue. To speak and understand English you must start by speaking to a native speaker who can correct you or your text and can motivate you and can help to build up your confidence.


Learning is easy and fun!

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