Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

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It’s very important to fill in all the required data on your profile. This way new students will get more information about you: presentation, subjects, experience, photos, availability, etc.

It is simple way – sending you a message from your profile page, asking you more information about your lessons before they book one with you.

Tutors will be the ones who decide their rate per hour.

Tutors who signed up in 2020 year become part of our booking system, which means we collect 20% of the tutors rate.

Payments are done at the end of each month. You must have accumulated a minimum of 40 € to receive the money. If you are below this threshold, your balance will be accumulated until you reach 40 €.

All the lessons are conducted online, using our tools.

You only need a computer or a tablet with a webcam and microphone, you should connect through Google Chrome.

No! You cannot get a share link for each course that allows an end-user to complete it without having to register first.