Few holiday shopping issues are as daunting as coming up with Christmas gift ideas for teenagers.

A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers:

Although many families like to give a lot of presents to children and teens, more doesn’t always equal better. That old chestnut rings true: it’s the thought that counts. You won’t have to spend a lot on Christmas gifts for teenagers if you focus on what they like best.

A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Of course, the teenagers in your family might be a bit more difficult. In that case, you need to think about how your teen is dealing with the passage of time.

A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens:

Think of this list as a starting point. Keep checking back, and check out other similar gift ideas.

Teens are harder to shop for than adults

Teens have strong preferences. Consider what your teenager enjoys and brings joy to your family’s lives.

Here are some examples:

Music. Your teen might enjoy CDs or a variety of music genres.

Books. Your teen could be an avid reader and enjoy an array of books, magazines, and print. He or she might also enjoy audiobooks.

Games. Board games, video games, and card games can be great fun.

Cooking supplies.

The Trusty Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with a gift card – or several – that you can give to several teenagers and let them pick out whatever they want. For example, some companies will also send gift cards in special or limited edition packaging.

A Book

Some teens love books, but many other teens are book hounds, to the extent that the thought of opening a new book worries them. Giving books as gifts lets teenagers do what they like best – picking out new books – and avoid buying the “last minute” impulse gift of a gift card.

A Physical Activity

For teens who like sports, hockey, wrestling, judo, running, track and field, etc., you can get them the gear they want. Maybe they’ll get a nice jersey, a new pair of sneakers or running shoes, or a winter coat, sweatshirt, or hat.

Charitable Giving

There is something great about giving to a cause you believe in. If you’re not sure of how to give to charity, consider getting your teen interested in a local charity. A few approaches you could try:

  • You could create a basket or box of donated items for a charity event.

  • You could host a donation drive for a charity. Let them go out with their friends and drop off donated items.

  • You could donate items for a charity drive at your local school.

Whatever you decide to do, do so with the hopes of teaching your teenager about the power of giving back to others.

Video Games

Video games are incredibly popular with teenagers. Give your teen a video game for Christmas, and you’ll earn bonus points. The toy industry is well aware of this fact.

Cash or No Cash?

Teenagers can often get very attached to a particular type of cash or gift card. If you’re not sure what they’d like, you may find that giving them the choice of cash or a gift card is an attractive alternative.

Laptops Are a Hot Christmas Item for Teens

Some of the most popular gifts for teens this year are electronic gadgets such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. They’re the latest must-have item to have in the house! Make sure that you let them choose between electronic or traditional gifts. If they get a laptop, make sure it’s high-quality enough to handle all the serious school work and that it meets their specifications.

Popular App-Connected Toys

Although more parents are cautious about their children’s access to the internet, you can’t rule out these products.

Learning is easy and fun!

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