Work and Job

Work and Job Job When you use the word Job you say things like I have a job, or I’m looking for a job, or he doesn’t have a job right now. So a job is something you do for money, or it’s when someone decides […]


Hobbies Here we are mentioning hobbies and pastimes. If you’re wondering what hobbies and pastimes are there things that you normally do for fun once you aren’t working and once you aren’t at school, so they’re the things that somehow neutralize your life and bring […]

Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences   Sometimes English grammar can be really difficult to understand. There are some rules in English grammar that don’t sometimes apply and there are some exceptions, but there are also some grammatical structures in English that follow every rule and the structure of […]

Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs In this article, we are going to discuss modal verbs. When you see words like can, could, might, will, must, what question comes to your mind? These words are modal verbs. Not only we are going to discuss model verbs in detail, but […]