A Beginner’s Guide to Wrapping Christmas Presents

What You Need to Get Wrapping

Let’s start with the basics. Don’t forget to bring scissors, paper, a wrapping template, and tape. The first step is choosing the paper. Choose a paper that gives the gift’s recipient a unique gift-to-face-to-face connection with you. Clear, green, and brown are common choices. You might even want to ask the recipient what colors their favorite winter color is to help guide your selection. You can also use a logo or an image on the paper, or maybe the gift’s logo or name, or simply a picture you know your recipient will cherish.

Once you’ve chosen a wrapping paper, you’ll want to double-check that it’s adhered tightly to the present. If it’s not, you can bend it in some directions, so it feels snug in the present.

How to Wrap a Gift

Here’s how to wrap a gift

Separate your present into two sections. The first section should include the present itself, inside out. The second section should include the gift box, bows, and ribbons. Fold the ribbon or bow into the bow holder, then lay it on the table, carefully. Fold your present in half along the longer edge, and line the tissue paper down the other side. Starting at the bottom, wrap the paper around the package, starting from the outside in, going slowly so as not to make any wrinkles.

Lay your presents on tissue paper. You should be working in a large gift box or bag if that’s what you have. Press the present into the tissue paper, and tuck in the excess. Wrap the present in a shiny piece of foil, covering the foil with cling film.

How to Wrap a Gift Without a Box

There’s one piece of wrapping paper for all occasions. It may be a festive Christmas paper, or it may be plain white or another background paper, such as plain paper for a birthday present.

Start with a classic base: a plain white, a darker or lighter shade of the same color or contrasting color.

Or try wrapping your present in a pattern, such as a piece of lace.

Even an amicable relationship will be enhanced when you wrap the gift in a cleverly designed box.

How to Wrap Christmas Presents at Home

Many people prefer wrapping their gifts at home, although they may like the appearance of wrapping their gifts under the Christmas tree. Using wrapping paper, foil, or any type of printed fabric, such as wallpaper, is ideal. Wrap your gift in layers.

Creating the Perfect Present

One way to get a gift-wrapped is to enlist the help of trusty assistants from your local art supply store or craft store. Your kids may even want to participate.

It’s important to pay attention to details. One of the most important tips is to use quality paper that will last. The paper should also have a finish that will go on smoothly. Making sure the paper is waterproof is also a very important consideration. It should also be large enough to wrap all your presents.

Choosing the Perfect Present

It’s really important to choose a present that someone will love. It should be something special that shows you put in an effort to find something unique for them.

Learning is easy and fun!

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