5 Tips On How To Prepare For Teaching Online

1. Be Disciplined and plan your lessons

It’s not easy to work from the comfort of home. You will need to treat it like a regular job. This means that you should always make sure your lessons are prepared.  Planning is essential for an online classroom environment. Virtual students are different-their needs are different from their physical counterparts. Be sure to have your syllabus and materials laid out clearly before class starts.

2. Prepare And Master Technology

Find technology that helps you – Apps & Services

Technology is key to accomplishing an objective. Make sure you invest in a high-quality computer or laptop. You cannot cheap out on this. Also, pay for the highest speed of the Internet that you can get.

There’s always an app for everything, right? Find the ones that help you work smarter. For example to teach Christmas and New year’s vocabulary check here.

And for word search here.

3. Communicate Regularly

People can feel a little disconnected when doing everything online. They might feel that they are not able to socialize with others. Breakthrough this disconnect by making discussion groups a part of your course material. An online community helps your students keep each other motivated. It’s a great place for them to share their thoughts on a lesson, questions, helpful material they came across etc. Encourage them to participate in the community and to connect with one another.

4. Motivate Your Students

Make sure that your students are engaged in the material. This means ensuring that they are getting graded for their work. While some students are self-motivated in that learning something new is all the motivation they may need, some students may not be. Think of ways to motivate all of your students to get the most out of your class. Your goal is to find ways to help your students get the most out of your class without the benefit that a physical presence brings.

5. Ask For Help And Feedback

Respond to students promptly via email, phone, or video. Students feel more engaged with the course when they receive timely feedback.


Learning is easy and fun!

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  1. I had recently started teaching online but I was facing a lot of issues. It didn’t come to my mind that I can use apps to make things easier. Thank you for the suggestions. I will also try to focus on motivating the students and use more means for communicating with them.

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