Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th every year. It is celebrated in different ways by different people. For single people – those people without a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner – Valentine’s day is often seen as an opportunity to ask or invite someone special for a date.


Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

An admirer (noun): A person who is attracted to another person.

  • Lily already knows Bill is her secret admirer.

Arrow (noun): A thin stick with a sharp point at one end and feathers at the other to help guide it when shot from a bow. Cupid shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love.

  • I think Louise has just been struck by one of cupid’s arrows.

Balloon (noun): A colored rubber sack inflated with helium (or air) and used as decoration.

  • The kids enjoyed trying to keep the balloons floating in the air without them touching the ground.

Bouquet (noun): An attractively arranged bunch of flowers generally held together by a ribbon and given as a gift.

  • Peter gave his wife a beautiful bouquet of tulips for her birthday.

Card (noun): A piece of thick paper or thin cardboard with a message which is sent for greetings or invitations.

  • Caroline received Valentine’s card from a secret admirer.

Chocolate (noun): a sweet food made from ground cacao seeds.

  • I like getting a bar of chocolate as a present.

Couple (noun): two people who are in a relationship /marriage/.

  • Jack and Rose make a lovely couple.

Cupid (noun): the ancient Roman god represents by a naked baby boy who has wings and shoots arrows at people to make them start to love each other.

  • A person, who is shot by Cupid’s arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.

Date (noun): a romantic meeting between two people.

  • Every Monday they go on a date to keep their relationship.

Dinner (noun): The main meal of the day, generally eaten in the evening.

  • We had dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Engaged (adjective): a couple agreed to marry each other at a future date.

  • We have been engaged for one year and will finally get married next week.

Feeling (noun): An emotional state or reaction.

  • I keep in secret my feelings for her.

Flower (noun): The often brightly colored part of a plant from which the seed or fruit develops.

  • He picked a flower from the garden to give to his wife.

Gift (noun): A thing given willingly to someone without payment. Another word for a gift is a present.

  • I gave my neighbor a gift as a way of saying thank you for her attention.

Heart (noun): The organ that pumps blood through the body. It is normally associated with love.

  • Stephan bought his partner a giant cake in the shape of a heart.

Hug (noun): Squeeze someone between your arms, typically to express affection.

  • She hadn’t seen her brother in a long time and gave him a big hug.

Kiss (noun): To touch your lips against something as a sign of affection or greeting.

  • The boy kissed his girlfriend on the forehead.

Love (noun/verb): an intense feeling of deep affection

  • Love is the most beautiful sense in the world.

Poem (noun): a piece of creative writing in verse that is often rhythmical.

  • She wrote a beautiful poem expressing her love.

Ribbon (noun): a long, narrow strip of fabric, usually used for tying or decorating something.

  • The bouquet had a blue ribbon around it.

Ring (noun): a small circular band worn on the finger, typically made of a metal and that sometimes contains precious stones.

  • He bought a beautiful engagement ring with a big diamond.

Romance (noun): a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

  • No matter how long you have been together, romance is always important in a relationship.

Rose (noun): a sweet-smelling flower that grows on a bush and usually has thorns.

  • Our boss received a bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day.
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