“What is Christmas? It’s the tenderness of days gone by, the value of the present, and the expectations of the future.” Agnes Faro

December is the beginning and the end. December is a journey from whom you know you always will return. December is the peace in you that you find after a year of wandering, between goodness and truth. December is that impulse in your heart that makes you cry and shine with happiness at the same time. December is a mercy to your neighbor, a helping hand in time, and care for every creature on the planet. December is forgiveness, humility, and harmony in us and around us. December gives you the last chance for change and magic, for fulfillment and peace. December is a lesson in happiness that teaches you to appreciate the smallest things in life.

December is the holiest holiday of the spirit!

It is the turning point from which everything begins again- but with more faith and hope in the coming days!

December is Christmas!

“May the beautiful lights of every Christmas season remind us of Him who is the source of all light.” -David A. Bednar

Christmas is a new beginning, a fulfillment of man’s dream of eternal life. Christmas is Light! Light for our tormented souls.

December is the month of the year when God illuminates us with his light and makes us think about the misery of the world, in order to make us better and more merciful, as He gives us His forgiveness and comfort. Because God is love, and Christmas is a miracle that brings us the news of the birth of God’s son – the Savior of the world, and the hope for all Christians.

Christmas is a time of humility, of gratitude to the people around us. This is the time when everyone should look for the spark in themselves, to remember that despite the many difficulties and misery in the world, goodness exists and we carry it in us. Christmas is a time when everyone should look up at the sky and say, “Thank you!”

Christmas is the best celebration, the most fabulous holiday…

There is a special magic in that white-bearded old man appearing from the chimney and bringing a festive atmosphere into our homes to give us gifts. When, if not at Christmas, can one afford to feel like a child and wish for a miracle? Because miracles happen in the most unusual way!

Look around, there is so much magic around you. And it is the flashing Christmas lights, in the falling snowflakes, in the dancing flames in the fireplace, in the touching smile of a child, in the cuddle of a loved one, in the quiet music. This is the magic of Christmas!

Christmas is everywhere – in the eyes of children, in the footsteps in the snow, which is slowly falling and brings joy and peace. Christmas is a part of festive windows and lovely decorations.

We must not forget that this is not a material celebration, but a spiritual one. Christmas is a celebration of the family fire and a new beginning!

Merry Christmas! Stay healthy!

« Miracles of Christmas», S. Filina

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