NEW YEAR’S VOCABULARY New Year’s resolutions Resolutions are goals or ideas that people will often make for themselves, to set a plan for the future. At the start of a new year, it’s common for many people to make special resolutions for the year ahead, […]

La magie de Noël

La magie de Noël   Au nord de l’équateur, tout commence avec les premières neiges qui annoncent que l’année touche à sa fin. On commence à préparer la fête de Noël. Doucement mais lentement, on prépare la fête la plus emblématique du monde entier. Penser […]

Christmas Word List 1

Christmas Word List 1 List of useful Christmas vocabulary words Christmas in English speaking countries is a big deal, and there are many different celebrations going on at this time of year. Knowing these words is also really helpful for explaining the things that you […]